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A Fun Casino can be a great talking point at any event, be it a birthday party, wedding reception, charity fundraiser or more. We have loads of games to choose from including Casino Hire favourites BlackjackRoulette, Stud Poker, Dice and others. We’ve attended locations of all kinds, 5-star hotels, marquees in gardens, community huts, village halls. If there is a group of people that need entertaining then we’re the people to hire fun casino.

Fun Casino Chips
Casino Chips


How does a Fun Casino work?

“Fun money” is handed out at the beginning of the event. This is the Casino currency, the players exchange the money at the tables for chips, just like in a real casino. But unlike a real casino, there is no chance of losing any “real” money.

Casino nights
Play Money

The players play the games and then whoever has the most amount of chips or play money wins a prize. If a player wishes to “cash in” their chips then most fun casino companies offer a voucher or cheque in exchange. A “playoff” can be arranged so that the best 8 or 9 players have 1 final battle on a table to see who the overall winner is.

What casino games are on offer?

All fun casino companies will offer Roulette and Blackjack, these are the 2 firm favourites. Roulette as the wheel just invites people to come and have a look. Blackjack as we’ve nearly all played 21’s or pontoon or similar, it’s quick and easy to pick up.
Poker of some description will be offered too normally, along with either dice or the wheel of fortune.

Casino table hire

Bond Themes, Vegas Themes.

Most companies will offer extra set up items, backdrops, pop ups, large playing cards etc… These can really help with the theming of the event. This could be 40th Birthday, Vegas, James Bond etc…

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